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Being overweight or obese is much more than an aesthetic concern. It has been shown to increase ones risk of developing many chronic preventable diseases, such as diabetes, heart, kidney, liver disease, and even cancer. In fact, doctors have identified several conditions that in addition to Obesity further increase ones risk of developing a chronic disease. This is called Metabolic Syndrome. Learn More about Metabolic Syndrome here


Unfortunately, with media and social stigmatization of overweight or obese individuals we see widespread weight bias that only perpetuates the problem. These are compounded by advertisements for “quick and easy” weight loss solutions that more often than not result in weight re-gain, further disappointment, and poorer long term health outcomes.


These approaches fail to address the root causes of weight gain and inability to lose weight. Furthermore, they fail to address long term behavioral changes that are necessary for lasting success. This is extremely important considering that current evidence reports that the vast majority of people who lose weight will regain the weight back within 1-5 years.


This may sound discouraging, but there is hope! Studies also show that even modest weight loss can result in clinically significant health benefits. Working with a health care professional and following up regularly has also been shown to result in greater improvements in weight loss and body composition than dieting on your own. By providing increased access to evidence based, comprehensive programs I aim to significantly improve the success rates of those struggling with weight issues.

As a Naturopathic Physician, I embrace the evidence based principles and approaches to weight loss and weight management, as outlined by Canada’s Obesity network and Health Canada.

  • Weight management/Obesity is a chronic, complex, and progressive health condition that requires long term solutions and ongoing care. Thus “quick fixes” are not helpful for long term health and wellness.

  • Any good weight loss program takes into account individual health factors, and lifestyle. A “one size fits all” approach is sub-optimal.

  • Health is more than numbers on a scale. While weight loss is one aim, the bigger goal is improved health and reduced risk for chronic disease. For this reason, I encourage reasonable and flexible weight goals, and encourage aiming for a “best” weight, that is sustainable while still maintaining a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

  • Teaching the principles of energy balance and nutrition empowers patients to take control of their health and wellbeing.

  • Long term weight loss solutions are best managed by a team approach, including doctors, family, friends and other social support networks.

  • Social stigmatization of overweight and obese persons are barriers to accessing optimal health care.

Obesity Canada, one of the leading national organizations on obesity management in primary health care calls for an increase in “comprehensive, evidence based, and people centred strategies to combat this public health concern including private, public, and non governmental initiatives.”

The Slim Health Weight Loss & Metabolic Health Program aims to answer this call!


Obesity rates have more than doubled worldwide since 1980. In Canada, as of 2017, 64% of adults are either overweight or obese. This means that the majority of Canadians are at risk of developing a chronic, preventable disease.


All things considered weight management is arguably the greatest preventable health concern in the western world!


According to the CDC, and NIH, being overweight or obese increases the risk for multiple adverse health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, arthritits, and mental illness. This is in addition to low quaility of life and increased all cause mortality (death). Not any less important is the social and economic impacts of stigma of people who are overweight.

Furthermore, research studies show that excessive adipose (fat) tissue can act like an organ of its own by secreting hormones and carrying out other metabolic processes!


Obesity Canada, one of the leading national organizations on obesity management in primary health care calls for an increase in “comprehensive, evidence based, and people centred strategies to combat this public health concern including private, public, and non governmental initiatives.” We aim to answer this call with the Slim Health Weight Loss & Metabolic Health Program!


Understanding the health conseqences of such an individual, public, and societal health concern allows us to put practical solutions into place. The Slim Health Weight Loss & Metabolic Health Program acknowledges evidence based principles based on long term research and guidelines for health care providers.


  • Reduced risk for chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, cancer)

  • Increased longevity

  • Improved mental health

  • Improved mobility and decreased pain

  • Improved exercise tolerance and cardiovascular health

  • A postive example of health and wellness for your family

  • Improved energy, vitality, and improved quality of life!

  • Inspiration and motivation for dozens of other people

More about the SlimHealth Weight Loss & Metabolic Health Program:

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone who is struggling with their weight and does not know where to turn next

  • Anyone who has tried other “weight loss” programs in the past with limited success or were unable to sustain their results

  • Anyone who is sick of yo-yo dieting (losing weight and gaining it all back again, plus some!)

  • Anyone who is overweight or has health related risks ue to their weight such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or metabolic syndrome.

  • Anyone who is interested in becoming slim, fit, and living a healthy life!

What does the program entail?

  • A full 75 minute health assessment and requisition for bloodwork to assess your health status

  • Regular 30 minute (bi-weekly) follow up visits with Dr. Sheldon to assess your progress and make any necessary changes or modifications based on your progress

  • Regular body composition analysis and tracking to ensure continuous measurable improvements

  • Supplementation (including oral, injection, IV) nutrients or medication to support you and help you reach your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

What makes this program different?

This program is different from other commercial weight loss programs in that it is individualized (tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle), holistic (taking into account your whole health and not just your weight) and objective (uses multiple objective outcome markers to track your progress and individual response to dietary intervention). By working regularly with a Naturopathic doctor who will teach you the basic tenets of nutrition and energy balance and together with you come up with a plan that works for you. With this program we are looking for consistent short term changes that add up to BIG long term results.

What kind of results can I expect with this program?

While we can’t make any promises (which would be unethical), it is reasonable based on our experience to expect anywhere from 4-8 lbs per month of healthy weight loss during the course of the program. This enables us to target fat storage, without the loss of muscle mass, which can happen with very rapid weight loss. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect to lose anywhere from 12-25 lbs in 3 months, 25-50 lbs in 6 months, and 50-100 lbs in 12 months of the program. Yes. We expect any patient on this program to experience 50-100 lbs of healthy weight loss in one year! We encourage keeping the big picture in mind and focusing on long term health outcomes.

What does the program cost?

                The Slim Health Weight Loss & Metabolic Health Program is booked in packages of 6 visits (12 week program) , in order to encourage and facilitate this we allow for a 15% discount in fees for package booking.




  • 12 week program = 6 visits = $560* (expected weight loss = 12-25 lbs)

    • Regular price for 6 visits + B12 shots = $660

*This cost may be partially or completely covered by extended health care insurance.


Prices include 15% discount off regular return visit + vitamin B12 lipolysis shot ($110 value):


This is an investment in your long term health and can also have a big impact on those around you. When factoring in the health care, personal, and non-monetary costs of being overweight or obese, the actual cost of a comprehansive, personalized program changes. For more information about the real cost of weight loss, click here

Call us to book an initial consultation to see if you would be a candidate for the Slim Health Weight Loss & Metabolic Health Program!

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