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Strategic Health and Wellness

There are many opinions out there on the best strategy or treatment for weight loss and insulin resistance, both within and outside of the health care professions. We are constantly being inundated with information from every side, with the strongest opinions usually being the loudest. We are bombarded every time we use the internet. Social media and forums are rife with emotional statements about why one dietary approach is the best, why others are stupid, and why everyone who follows something other than their way of thinking is woefully ignorant.

The best term I have heard used to describe the modern phenomenon of conflicting, confusing over-information is “Infobesity”, which I think captures it perfectly. We have far more information that our minds can handle and process, which leaves us in a state of either constant inaction, constantly changing between different approaches, or staunchly entrenched in a single approach even though it may not be working well.

This is NOT a recipe for long term health and wellness.

Despite more information than ever available at our fingertips, more information than we know what to do with, we still continue to see increasing levels of insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and weight gain leading to overweight and obesity. This clearly demonstrates that a lack of information is not the problem. What is much more difficult, much more nuanced, and much more important is the IMPLEMENTATION of that knowledge in a system that consistently gets results for each individual.

This requires a unique, individualized approach within an evidence-based framework. It requires taking into account each person’s unique health history, including an account of what has been tried and hasn’t worked in the past, taking into account individual and unique barriers and challenges that each person faces in implementing health promoting nutrition patterns, and working TOGETHER towards a common goal: balanced blood sugars, stable healthy weight, mobility, and energy.

Losing weight and putting conditions like T2 diabetes into permanent remission is possible. Reaching optimal health is possible with a good plan in place. A good plan and system beats willpower and motivation every time.

What might such a system look like??

  • It starts with a detailed assessment of general health status and health history. It includes a full nutritional history in detail, identifying unique food sensitivities or intolerances, and it takes into account cultural food patterns and availability.

  • It focuses on first INCREASING the nutrient density of the diet rather than simply restricting or removing foods that are problematic for health. It identifies individual challenges to implementing nutritional changes and provides time saving strategies that make healthy eating easier.

  • It meticulously tracks progress to ensure targets are being met.

  • It is flexible enough to fit each individual, rather than forcing the individual conform to the program. Overall, it gets results and is sustainable for a lifetime. It requires some effort, but it is not overbearing, and it is enjoyable.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, or difficulty losing weight due to insulin resistance, there are options out there that can help. It is important to never stop seeking solutions, even if “everything” has been tried in the past.

Your healthiest years are ahead of you!

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